1. A World In Danger III - Inga Copeland (2013)

  4. Tears - Frankie Knuckles (1989)

    RIP :(

  5. newbrutalism:

    Nippon Dental College, Niigata, Japan, 1973

    orange steel scupper/column/atrium butterfly roof 

    (via americana-tropicana)

  7. Zebra - Oneohtrix Point Never (2013)

  8. Wohnpark Alt-Erlaa (1970s)


  9. Nothing left, but the sign of Jonas. At the beginning and in the final reel as the credits roll, we see a statue of a big fish, on whose long tongue the chorus girls, Anwar, and Herman gently dance. The audience, like Anwar and his compatriots, have been dragged through the maw of remembered collective terror and cruelty. Together, we have vicariously gone through hell. Coughed out at the end, what if any lesson has been learned is unclear, for the spectators as much as for the unmoved participants. Still, there remains after everything is done the humbling knowledge that there are limits to action, in a world in which shameless Eichmanns grow rank in every clime. And a reminder to distrust both the tepid equilibrium which lies thick over so many sins, and the degraded heroic mythologies which pretend to disturb this peace, while secretly tying us ever more closely to its daily violence.”

    Liberated Thugs Remember (2013)

  10. Small Parade - Tobin Sprout (1997)

  11. Hotel (Leningrad) - S. Speranskiy, V. Struzman, N. Kamenskiy (1970)

  13. The King is Always Above the People - Ardeshir Mohassess (1977)


  14. Memorial to the Martyrs (Ouagadougou)

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