3. Female Red Guard - Zhao Tianqi

  4. National Abortion Campaign (1982)

  5. mapsontheweb:

    European Travel Patterns, derived from locations of 750K tweets

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  6. Pyongyang

  7. Ballet Dancer - The Twins (1983)

  8. Salute to the Red Army - Albert Hall, London (1944)


  9. "Is it inevitable that the university will be reduced to the function of providing with increasingly authoritarian efficiency, pre-packed intellectual commodities which meet the requirements of management? Or can we by our efforts transform it into a centre of free discussion and action, tolerating and even encouraging ‘subversive’ thought and activity, for a dynamic renewal of the whole society within which it operates?"

    - E.P. Thompson on the occupation of Warwick University in the early 70s

  10. Strange Attraction  - DIANA (2014)

  11. altcomics:

    Brendan B. Larsen

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  14. Tsujiki District, Kenzo Tange (1963)

  15. Ministry of Transportation - George Chakhava (1974)